1. Training Your Dog Not to Bark

    Training Your Dog Not to Bark All the Time: What Works and What Doesn’t 

    Teaching your dog not to bark constantly can be a challenging prospect for a new pet owner, or even a seasoned pet owner with a yappy puppy and no more training ideas left!   Everyone knows how frustrating it can get when a dog barks a lot, but there are effective ways to reduce barking and get your peace and quiet back (and your friendship with the neighbors).   Why Are They Barking?   Fi…Read More

  2. aggressive dog

    How to Handle an Aggressive Dog

    An aggressive dog can be frightening as well as frustrating to handle, especially if it’s your own. While it may seem like your aggressive dog is just trying to protect you and your family, it can put you at risk. And if the aggression turns inward, it puts you and your loved ones in harm’s way. Recognize the Signs of Aggression What are the clear markers of an aggressive dog? Here are some co…Read More

  3. puppy separation anxiety

    Dealing with Puppy Separation Anxiety: 5 Strategies

    Puppy separation anxiety can challenge new pet owners in many ways. You’re so excited to have your new pet at home, you never want to leave them! But sadly, life interferes at some point and you have to leave your puppy home alone, and they hate it just as much as you — maybe more. Signs of Puppy Separation Anxiety Here are a few indications your new furry friend suffers separation …Read More

  4. High-Energy Dogs Effective Tips for Training

    High-Energy Dogs: Effective Tips for Training

    High-energy dogs are lovable, playful and fun — everything you’ve ever wanted in a furry friend. When you’re ready for a hike, so are they. When the kids want to play fetch, they’re eager to run. They play endlessly in the back yard, but they are also ready to go on adventures. They’re the perfect fit for your family. High-energy dogs are breeds that exhibit puppy-like characteristic…Read More

  5. Group dog training

    Why Group Dog Training Classes Work

    Group dog training classes are a popular learning format for pups and owners alike for one simple reason: They work! If you’re looking for an entertaining, social way to grow and bond with your pet, group dog training classes are the best option. Of course, you could simply buy a book, watch an instructional video or ask friends for advice, but you’d be missing out on some important benefi…Read More

  6. Dog obedience training woodland park

    Positive Reinforcement Training Techniques for Your Puppy

    Positive reinforcement training is an effective way to build trust with your new puppy. Though there are many schools of thought when it comes to dog training techniques, positive reinforcement training emphasizes fun and play while establishing a strong bond between you and your pet. Understand Your Dog The first step in building a successful positive training program is understanding what mot…Read More

  7. house training puppy

    9 Tips to Help with House Training Your Puppy

    House training is an essential skill to teach your new pup. Puppies are adorable, but they don’t arrive at your home knowing where or when to go to the bathroom. House training is one of the biggest challenges new puppy owners face, but the more committed you are to your plan, the sooner your pup will learn. It’s normal to take four to six months to house train a puppy, but some breeds may tak…Read More

  8. puppy training

    How Early Is Too Early to Start Puppy Training?

    You don’t want to think about puppy training; you just want to sit and snuggle your soft little pup and spoil it with treats and toys. But like it or not, from day one when you bring your new family member home, puppy training begins. Puppy Training Starts at Birth A puppy’s learning begins at birth. Up until the time you take it home, typically around the 8-week-old mark, its mother is its …Read More

  9. dog training courses Elizabeth, Colorado

    Exercise Vs Training

    We all know a tired dog is a happy dog, but some dogs don't seem to ever tire. You throw the ball for an hour and take regular walks but they still seem wound up. You work from home and walk them several times a day. Nothing seems to make Fluffy tired. While we encourage you to continue to be active with your dog, we have another suggestion to stimulate their mind as well as tucker them out. TRAIN…Read More

  10. puppy training Elizabeth, Colorado

    The Recall Command In Dog Training

    The Importance of the Recall Command Imagine taking your dog out for a stroll around the neighborhood just as you have done every night for the past five years. Then, your leash breaks! You call your dog, but he just keeps running because he doesn’t understand what you are saying. Maybe he is exploring, chasing after a bunny, or headed to another dog to say hi, but that dog is not friendly. For …Read More