Are you looking for a top-rated local dog trainer? Prestige K9 provides services to pet owners who live in the Denver, Colorado, area, offering customized, adaptable training methods that match your goals and your dog’s personality.

We love dogs of all breeds and sizes, your pet included! We aren’t believers in a one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, we take the opposing view. If the training method isn’t designed with your dog’s unique tendencies in mind, how will it be effective?

We build training plans for individual and group sessions with the intention of resolving your concerns and achieving the results you expect!


From One-on-One to Group Sessions

There are no “quick-fix” secrets when it comes to training dogs, and an experienced dog trainer knows this well. Also, every dog reacts differently to training environments. While a solo session may bore one dog’s type of personality, a group class could be a great fit! While a group session may intimidate a shy pup, one-on-one attention can work wonders!

We offer both group and solo training options for our Denver, Colorado, pet owners so you can pick the setting that works best for your dog, whether that means an individual session, a group session or a combination of both.

Specialized Dog Training Services

Are you interested in specific training services for therapy dogs? Would you like to teach your dog personal protection skills? Do you have hopes for a future service dog? Let’s set goals together and go over our training programs and philosophies.

Send Your Pup to Camp!

Are you ready to see a night and day change in behavior? Maybe you’ve tried other dog trainer services and you’re not happy with the results, or the fact that your dog reverts to old patterns as soon as they return home.

At Prestige K9, we have found major success with dog training camps. Your dog will be able to unleash their energy through activities and playtime in the context of an in-house, 24/7 training environment. For pet owners in Denver, Colorado, who are frustrated, tired, busy and don’t have the time to dedicate to around-the-clock dog training, we can help. Call us today to learn more and discuss price and availability.

What Sets Us Apart

We’re here for you and your lovable furry friend. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver! At Prestige K9, we’ll sit down with you, assess your dog’s behavior and go over your training options. We have high standards for every program and we make sure you know up front what to expect both during and after our training concludes.

When you’re looking for a dog trainer in the Denver, Colorado, area, we are team you can turn to!