1. We are all much happier and relaxed!

    Spencer and Marissa did a wonderful job with our 6 month old Goldendoodle. We were going a little crazy with "puppy issues", and thanks to our time with Prestige K9, we are all much happier and relaxed! We get compliments on his behavior every time we are out. Thank you!…Read More

  2. Outstanding!

    Outstanding to work with. If we'd know him sooner, Spencer would have been the only trainer we would have worked with Lambeau.…Read More

  3. Outstanding Obedience Skills

    Spencer and team trained my male GSD Kantor. Kantor had a serious fear of other dogs and needed to refine his manners. After 5 1/2 weeks with Prestige K9 Kantor is amazing! Before he left for training, he was a goofy big boy with silly characteristics. I was a little concerned he might lose some of that with thorough training. Instead, he came home with outstanding obedience skills, tools to handl…Read More

  4. Spencer Shines as a Trainer!

    Spencer is great! The initial consultation with my white shepherd was very informational without any pressure for commitment. He really worked and dedicated the time and effort my dog needed. After doing the 3 week training program, our dog is totally different. No more running away, pulling on the leash, biting, or jumping. We now walk without a leash and she is attached to my hip. I continuously…Read More

  5. Awesome!

    Spencer is awesome, he helped us with Tikaani our German Shepherd! Thank you!!!!!!!…Read More

  6. Professional, Loving and Compassionate

    Awesome trainers! They've done a fantastic job w our rambunctious doggies, a lab and a German shepherd/lab mix. The follow-up appointments to train us humans is going great, too! Super professional, very loving and compassionate, they have teachers' hearts for sure!…Read More