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Our Dog Trainers are the best in the business! Our trainers have won regionally and nationally for competitive dog training competitions! Our trainers even travel to other states and all over the world for dog training!

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Our Prestige Dream Dog Camp will teach your dog off leash advanced obedience under severe distractions! We can also address any behavior problems in this program! Click below to see a video example of this program!

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Any Dog Any Problem! We are the last trainer people come to because our dog training results actually last! Contact us to get started on transforming your dog into a well behaved member of the family!

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Prestige K9 offers the best dog training services to most of Colorado including Colorado Springs, Denver, Castle Rock, Parker, Boulder, Fort Collins and surrounding areas. Our dog trainers are well versed in many different methods of dog training and we train using a proven positive reinforcemet method that delivers long lasting results!

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#1 Dog Trainers In Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Fort Collins And Surrounding Areas!

Prestige K9 is Colorado’s premier dog training company! We offer a clearer, more effective system of dog training! Our dog trainers service Denver, Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, Parker Fort Collins, Boulder and surrounding areas. We deliver superior service and training that will allow you to get the most from your beloved pet. Our dog training has been developed with one goal in mind, success! At Prestige K9, we don’t believe in a “quick fix” in dog training. Instead, we believe in developing a communication system between you and your pet that will help you exceed all of your goals.

We take the time to get to know you and your dog in order to build a training plan tailored to your needs. It is just as important for you, the pet owner, to know and understand the training process as it is for your dog. We understand that no two dogs are alike and, because of this, we believe there isn’t just one right way to train a dog. At Prestige K9, our dog trainers are well versed in many methods of dog training. We never stop learning and educating ourselves and are constantly evolving and improving our training. Our dog training methods are built to create a bond between you and your dog that will last a lifetime. We will help your dog become a reliable, obedient, and happy member of your family!

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