Meet our


Spencer Bowman

Hi I’m Spencer, the proud owner of Prestige K9. I manage and help run our three amazing locations in Washington, California, and Colorado. My passion for training dogs extends beyond it being my career, I also spend my free time training and competing locally and internationally with my own dogs. I have won at the regional and national level for obedience and protection competitions. I enjoy teaching both dogs and owners to gain the knowledge and skills needed to communicate effectively. I love what we do here and I think you will too!

Kristen Lee

I’m Kristen and I have been training dogs since 2005, when I attended National K9 School for Dog Trainers. I have always been fascinated by how dogs learn and love that I can help owners and dogs to better understand each other through my work. It’s very rewarding to see people enjoy their canine companions, and to see dogs that get to do more in life with proper training. 

I train my own dog in various sports that require teaching complex behaviors and demand off leash control and focus for prolonged periods of time. I have titled several breeds in Obedience and enjoy working with different personality types of dogs, from shy and timid to pushy and confident.

Jackie Lind

Hi Im Jackie and I have been training dogs for over 6 years. I compete in dog training sports and love spending time with my own dogs. 

Marissa Bowman

Hi I’m Marissa! I have been training dogs since 2012 when I got started training my own dog in dog sports. I am a CGC evaluator and have helped certify many dogs to do therapy work in schools. I enjoy hiking and paddle boarding with my dogs!