Private Lessons

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Our Private Lessons are great for puppies and adult dogs of all ages! 

We recommend having soft training treats to use during the lessons. These high value treats will help them focus on the training! After your lesson we recommend you use their food during meal times to avoid adding extra calories and possibly giving them an upset stomach. 

We also recommend a leash and flat collar. 

We will go over any additional needs when we schedule your first lesson! 

Your trainer will either meet you in home or in a public setting depending on what we are working on. For younger puppies the first part of the lesson will be hands on and the second part will be giving you homework and answering your questions. For adult dogs we will spend the entire lesson hands on training and having you practice and giving a recap with homework during the end of the lesson. 

Wether you are doing a single session or a package of lessons we can help!  If you have specific goals in mind we can guide you thru those lessons to achieve your goals. If your not sure where to start we can put together.  

We do not cover any behavior modification in the form of private lessons.

Each lesson in one hour.

  • $150 – single lesson
  • $550  – 4 lesson package
  • $1,100 – 8 lesson package 

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We know having a new puppy can be an exciting and also a little overwhelming. Were here to help! 

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