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Dog training private lessons are very versatile which is what makes them so appealing. We can do private lessons with dogs of all ages ranging from 8 weeks until 14 years old. 

Private lessons are fully catered to your specific needs as well as your training goals for your dog. 

Before enrolling in private lessons we will discuss your training goals and then set the focus for each lesson. 

Since dogs retain more information as they reach 6 months, it may be necessary to have more lessons with a younger dog. 

We recommend having soft training treats to use during the lessons. These high value treats will help your dog focus on the training! 

After your lesson, we recommend that you use their food during meal times to avoid adding extra calories and possibly giving them an upset stomach. 

We also recommend a leash and flat collar. 

We will go over any additional needs when we schedule your first lesson. As each lesson may focus on a different goal, we may require a different set of tools for each lesson.

For our dog training private lessons, your trainer will either meet you at your home or in a public setting. The location may vary for each lesson depending on what we are working on in each lesson. 

For younger puppies the first part of the lesson will be hands on.The second part of the lesson will be giving you homework and answering your questions. 

For adult dogs we will spend the entire lesson hands on training. We will have you practice and work with your dog. Then we will give a recap with homework during the end of the lesson.

Private lessons are very hands on for the owner. You can expect to spend a couple of hours per day working with your dog in between lessons. 

Lessons may be scheduled a week apart or a couple of weeks a part, so make sure that you are practicing your homework daily as this is key to your dogs success!

Don’t have that kind of time on your hands? No worries! We offer a variety of programs to fit your specific needs. Check out our 3 week off leash training camp that has fast and effective results with minimal effort on your part.

Whether you are doing a single session or a package of dog training private lessons, we can help! Just tell us what your goals are and any behaviors you are wanting to address.

Some things that we can cover in private lessons are: sit, down, stay, come, place, leash walking, heel, and more!

 If you have specific goals in mind we can guide you thru those lessons to achieve your goals. If you are not sure where to start, our qualified trainers can help put together something that works for you.  

We do not cover aggression, resource guarding, or reactivity towards other animals and/or people during private lesssons. Don’t worry though, we have an amazing behavior modification camp to help you address these issues. 

Our dog training private lessons are one hour long. However, we will provide you with homework and it is extremely important that you continue to work with your dog on a daily basis for a couple of hours a day in order to be successful and achieve your desired results. 

  • $597 – 3 Lesson Package
  • $997  – 6 lesson package
We do not offer single lessons. If you need more lessons after your initial few lessons you may always add lessons. We cannot remove lessons once they are purchased.

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