Spencer Bowman is a well-established business owner, breeder, obedience trainer, and protection dog trainer. Over the last twelve years he has perfected his craft and continues to grow his list of accomplishments. He is the proud owner of Prestige K9, Prestige Protection Dogs, and Prestige Digital.



French Ring Protection Sport

He is the only American to date to qualify for the French selectives with a self-bred and trained dog (Lycan).

He qualified for the French selectives out of 2000+ dogs.  down too 240 ish

He is also currently the highest scoring American at a regional championship in France for the sport!

He has trained and assisted numerous teams in Mondio and French ring including 2017 Mondio Level Three National Vice Champion.




2017 NARA ring three cup flight champions

2017 NARA ring one national champion

2017 Mondio One Cup vice champion

2017 NARA  ring three western regional champion

2017 NARA ring one western regional vice champion

2017 NARA ring one western regional third praise place

2016 NARA ring two vice champion 2016 NARA ring two cup vice champion 


owner trainer of Wallace-  French ring two 2013 French ring one western regional champion

owner trainer of Hornet- French ring to 2015 frenching one vice champion

owner trainer of Lycan- French ring three selects 2020 trainer decoy for





As we mentioned before he is the owner of Prestige K9 -one of the top pet dog training companies in the USA. Over the last decade the business has grown substantially and is currently in 10 states. We employ the highest quality trainers to help us reach our mission of providing well balanced training to the best clients we could ask for. From puppy and obedience training to aggression and reactivity- we cover a wide range of training needs!



prestige canine um there’s some stuff on the about us page already that has like my qualification scores for the electives at that in there I think it says I was ranked 8th in the country second place regional championship in France for French ringsport




Breeding for him started as a passion project to breed only to produce Belgian Malinois for highly qualified sport and protection training. Today he continues to do so with males and females who are proven to be the highest caliber of dogs.


Decoy work

Spencer is currently a certified French Ring decoy. He has also worked as a level two certified mondio ring decoy that has since shifted his focus to other areas of business. During that time he was One of the decoys for the Mondial ring nationals.



Spencer has had the pleasure of hosting seminars  in various states to help handlers in both French ring, Mondial ring, and protection Work.





Spencer who actually compete in competitive protection sports place and win nationally and regionally this is a big difference in the quality of the dogs and the training that you receive we don’t just walk the walk or talk to talk we walk the walk


Spencer is also very sought after in the United states for dog training seminars he gives seminars all over the country including many seminars in Minnesota Oregon New York Texas Michigan Washington California where’s Ryan Maryland was new or I said New York but it was actually Maryland dc not maryland Spencer is considered one of the top trainers in the country for protection talks dogs and is a go to person for advice and training hence the seminars