Protection Dog Training


german shepherd police dogsThe Best Protection Dog Trainers

We offer the best protection dog training around! Whether you’re looking for help preparing your dog to compete in protection sports such as IPO, French RingMondioRing, or PSA or you’d like to train him or her to provide you with personal or home protection, Prestige K9 can help! We also have trained personal protection dogs for sale from some of the best breeders. Our head dog trainer has competed at the regional and national levels for competitive dog sports and won regionally, so we understand the world of dog sports and competition.

If you need to train your dog to protect you, we can help with that as well. We believe that personal protection dogs should stay in complete control and be able to evaluate situations and determine threats, so these are the things that our protection dog training  focus on. Contact us via the button below to get any questions you may have regarding this service answered. Don’t forget to schedule your free consultation!

10% discount for  Active Military, Veterans, Law enforcement and  Firefighters

Protection Training

$100 Initial Consultation and $85/Session at our location

Click the link below to visit our Protection site for more information about our Protection dog training and personal protection dogs for sale.