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Puppy Camp

Ready to start your puppy off right? In this 10 Day puppy camp, your pup will learn foundation training to get them ready to tackle the big world out there. After completing their stay, we will deliver them in home for a one hour in home lesson to demonstrate their training and answer any questions you have. 


10 Days

Lives in home- with trainer

Covers:foundation for sit, down, place, crate training, jumping, nipping, and being on leash.


3 Week Camp

If you are looking for a dog who can walk without pulling and enjoy being off leash reliably this is the camp for you! Our unique camp experience is designed with everyday goals in mind. Click LEARN MORE below to see what else we cover! 

Duration 21 days


**This camp is designed for dogs who do not have any behavioral challenges like reactivity or aggression to dogs or people. 

Behavior Modification Camp

Behavior modification camps are designed to address a wide range of behaviors from simpler cases like mild leash reactivity to more complicated or difficult behaviors. Some of the more common behaviors are reactivity or aggression to people and dogs, leash reactivity, and resource guarding. With over 60% of dogs who come to us for help in this area- we are experts in this field! 

Time 4-6 weeks 

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