Training Your Dog Not To Bark All The Time: What Works And What Doesn’t

by | Jan 22, 2018 | barking, manners |

Everyone knows how frustrating it can get when a dog barks a lot, but there are effective ways to reduce barking and get your peace and quiet back (and your friendship with the neighbors).

Why Are They Barking?

First, it’s important to understand why your dog is barking so much. Are they just easily excitable? Are they acting defensively to perceived outside threats? Are they being playful? Are they bored?

Every dog is different, but you may be able to tell what’s causing the barking by listening to the frequency and tone of the vocalizations. If their bark is short and high-pitched, they might just want to play. If it’s the same monotonous bark over and over again, they’re probably just bored. Aggressive barking will be deep, accompanied by growling.

What NOT To Do

Regardless of the reason for your dog’s barking, you have to make sure you keep a cool head if you want to successfully teach your them not to bark as much. If you yell at them, it just sounds like you’re joining in.

Also, never take out frustration on your dog. Anger and impatience during a training session will never give you the results you want.

Training Tips For Pet Owners

Here are a few key tips to follow and strategies to try:

  • If your dog is barking in an attempt to encourage play, turn your back on them and ignore them until they stop. Don’t give in and reward the behavior you do not like.
  • Teach your dog how to stay quiet at the same time you teach them to speak. Once they bark when you say speak, then say quiet, and reward them when they stop barking.

For Idle Dogs: Keep Them Busy

If your dog is barking due to boredom, you can help resolve the issue by providing toys and treats that engage their brain and keep them occupied, especially if they have to be alone for a period of time during the day. Kong toys and pet puzzles are great options for the smart, yet bored pup!

For Energetic Dogs: Keep Them Tired

Energetic dogs bark when they have no other way to expend their energy! This type of pet needs plenty of exercise throughout the day. If you can’t be home with them, make sure you take them for walks early, bring them to a doggy daycare or enlist a pet sitter to get them their much-needed exercise. Tired dogs are better-behaved!

For Territorial Dogs: Alter Their Environment

If your dog can’t stop barking at the mailman or the neighbor, try changing their environment. Get window coverings that don’t allow them to see outside. Turn on a noise machine to block out sounds or keep the radio or TV on. Background noise could help ease their anxiety and reduce territorial barking.

Need A Pro?

We have many solutions to help train your dog to not bark too much. At Prestige K9, we’re focused on fostering a great relationship between you and your pet through friendly, experienced training sessions. Contact us today to learn more!